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Have the Courage to Sell a Healthy Lifestyle

Have the Courage to Sell a Healthy Lifestyle

Do you work in health and well-being, beauty or fitness? Does selling make you anxious?

Are you apprehensive about asking your customers to buy from you? Do you often not bother selling a product or service that would benefit your client - only to feel that you let yourself down by not even trying?

This book will give you all the advice you need to conquer your fear of selling - no matter whether you need to sell more for your business to be successful or whether your boss has given you a budget to meet - and become the top advisory salesperson within the health, beauty and fitness industry.

You will discover how to easily fit selling into your line of business by having your customers’ best interests at heart. You will learn what matters at the point of sale as well as simple phrases evolving into a sales presentation that quickly gets your customers’ attention. You will discover how to find that golden moment to sell, as well as having the confidence to ask the closing question. And yes - your customers are interested and yes - you will sell!

Read this book, do the exercises and follow the advice given on the stone tablets. You will quickly find that your sales increase dramatically and your customers will be truly happy that you have the courage to offer them more!

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